Frequently asked questions

Are there any restrictions on who can attend Winmante?

No. Whilst we have a specific focus on the health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the local community have openly welcomed anybody to attend Winmante regardless of ethnicity or background.

Are you a bulk-billing clinic?


Do you offer other services like travel vaccinations or work medicals?

Given our focus on community health, we are not established to operate a travel clinic or to perform routine work medicals. However, there are many GP clinics in the local area that do offer these services. We would advise searching Google or Health Engine for an alternative clinic for these purposes.

What is Health Care Homes?

Health Care Homes refers to a trial program that was first announced by the Australian Government in 2017. Winmante Medical Centre is a Health Care Home site. Health Care Homes is designed to improve health care for patients with chronic and complex conditions, keeping them out of hospital and living healthier lives at home. It offers practices funding for medical practices to provide innovative services and care for patients in a way that the current Medicare fee-for-service model does not support. For more information about Health Care Homes, click here.

Why are you not open 5 days a week?

We aim to be! However, as our clinic is still quite newly established, our goal is to build up slowly so that we can be sustainable and effective. In 2019, we aim to recruit more GP's so that our service may grow. For Health Care Homes patients, we are also working on providing a telehealth service so that individuals may still receive care on days when a GP is not available.